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At the Cyber Leadership Institute, we are obsessed with equipping new and experienced cybersecurity professionals with the skills they need to land leadership positions and thrive in them.  

Premium Membership to the Cyber Leadership Institute grants access to hundreds of high-quality toolkits, resources, and ground-breaking leadership training programs to dramatically accelerate the leadership and influencing skills required to advance your career.

Join a community of like-minded cybersecurity professionals leading their organizations to cyber resilience. 

Do you see yourself in any one of these situations?

  • You want to advance your career and thrive in your role but need help developing essential leadership and influencing skills. 

  • You crave a community of cybersecurity professionals to collaborate with and safely share ideas. 
  • You don’t have the time and money to spend months developing customized cybersecurity strategies, frameworks, and policies necessary for your role. 

Well, here is the good news. We handle the heavy lifting for you — giving you more time to develop leadership skills, build relationships with fellow cybersecurity professionals, deliver critical projects, or simply do what you love.

Our extensive repository of high-quality strategic toolkits will help you impress your superiors, boost your credibility, and accelerate your career. 

Your Premium Membership Will Help You in 4 Distinct Ways 

UnlockHundreds ofBusiness-ReadyCISO Toolkits

Get unlimited access to hundreds of carefully curated actionable strategy guides, executive templates, playbooks, research, and other toolkits — accessible from any device.  

This gives you two distinct benefits:

  1. Saves you the time and headache of creating frameworks and executive presentations from scratch. 
  2. Impress the board and executives with polished presentations.

To see an example of the quality of the toolkits,please download a sampleusingthelinks below: 

  1. Develop and Implement a Security Incident Management Program 
  2. Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service 
Discounts On Premium Leadership Courses

The Premium Membership grants you a 50% discount on all Cyber Leadership Institute globally-acclaimed leadership training programs.

Transform into a Business-Savvy and Impactful Cyber Leader with the Cyber Leadership Program (CLP)

Receive a 50% discount on our flagship program, CLP. The CLP equips cyber leaders with exceptional levels of leadership, strategy design, stakeholder management, board communication and governance skills. The CLP combines self-paced online lectures, interactive sessions, and real-world case studies. 

Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Transformation Programs

Receive a 50% discount on the Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program (CSTP). The CSTP is a deep-dive course that equips leaders with proven skills to design high-impact strategies and manage complex change. The CSTP will empower you with the essential skillsets to enlist the support of critical stakeholders, conduct swift and effective risk assessment, quickly build momentum, and tightly link transformation business goals and develop a solid roadmap.

Accelerate Your Career

Premium Membership also grants 50% off our esteemed personally branding course, Elevate Your Personal Brand (EPB). The EPB is the game-changing personal branding course for technical professionals. A strong personal brand is the most powerful way to stand out in a crowded market place. This intensive course will help you gain industry respect, accelerate into an executive role, boost your earnings, or become an authority in your professional domain.

Free Access To The Cyber Resilience Fundamentals

Your Premium Membership to the Cyber Leadership Institute includes free access to the Cyber Resilience Fundamentals (CRF), an ultimate entry-level course for aspiring and established cybersecurity professionals who are eager to accelerate their cybersecurity careers, regardless of age, background or experience. From understanding high-impact cyber resilience strategies to articulating cyber risk and strategies to decision-makers, the CRF provides the necessary tools and knowledge to position you as a business-savvy cyber professional, accelerate your career and begin your leadership journey. 

Explore the Cyber Resilience Fundamentals below:  

Know You’re Protected Against Security Threats

Our partnership with Info-Tech Research Group grants you 50% off the Info-Tech Information Security Diagnostic Program. The Diagnostic Program facilitates in-depth analysis of your organization’s information security status against peer organizations and measures performance against industry best practices.

With guided implementation from a team of remote Program Managers, the Diagnostic Program is low-effort and high-impact. Gather and report on information security governance and management, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.


After training and educating 1,000s of cyber security professionals and executives in more than 35 countries through our books and courses, we are confident you are going to love your membership and gain the skills, confidence, and relationships you need to take your career to the next level. If you aren't deeply satisfied with the first 30 days of our industry-leading course, simply let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

Unlock several other benefits 

It gets better.

Your Premium Cyber Leadership Hub membership gives you nine more benefits:

Free access to all Cyber Leadership short and intensive courses. 
Discounted access to curated strategic partner offerings.
A monthly newsletter jam-packed with actionable cybersecurity leadership insights, inspiring CISO success stories, and career transforming tips — all delivered in a highly digestible format.
A platform to advertise new roles to a global pool of high performers for free.
Access live or recorded webcasts featuring subject matter authorities — diving deep into emerging cyber risks and cutting-edge leadership ideas. 
Access to exclusive Cyber Leadership Institute quarterly community calls and develop strategic professional relationships with like-minded cyber leaders from dozens of countries.
Collaborate and co-create content in private forums with other cyber leaders.  
Access timely threat intelligence from carefully selected authoritative sources.  
Access to the Cyber Leadership Hub app packed with industry news, leading resources, job offers and a growing, like-minded community.